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Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions was founded by Valberto Joshua Lacruz in the year 2016.
Joshua, an experienced guide, was born and raised in the Amazon jungle. He not only speaks English fluently but can also understand several other languages. For more than 10 years, he has been working as a freelance jungle guide with several companies in the Amazon region. After communicating and working directly with local and international clients, he saw the necessity for offering different Amazon Jungle Tours from the traditional ones.  Visitors have different interests and would like to see and experience different things while visiting the Amazon. . In view of this, he is able to suggest different activities and areas to visit and plan trips for his clients. His knowledge of the Amazon and good relationship with the local people led him to start the Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions together with a group of dedicated and experienced guides. His main focus is to conserve and preserve the Amazon jungle and to give visitors an unforgettable experience when they come.



Welcome to Joshua´s Amazon Expeditions

Where the unusual and exciting begins!

We offer specific, organized (hands-on), Amazon jungle experience trips of any length from day trips to extended stay. With 15 years of experience that is geared up to give you and your party the trip of a lifetime!

We organize custom Amazon adventure trips to satisfy our most discerning Amazon outdoor adventurer.  We specialize in providing Eco Tours that can include gliding though waterfalls in kayaks, play with the pink dolphins, Visit Meeting of the Rivers (Rio solimôes & Rio Negro)  and indigenous villages, camping in the jungle ,Hiking, canoeing ,birdwatching ,Survival Trips and team building experiences of the highest level. You can sleep in the jungle in hammocks were you can build your camp or stay in Amazon jungle lodge with all the creature comforts in private rooms or  you can be on onboard on a Regional  amazon boat  with the comfort of a private cabins


The Amazon provides some of the best freshwater fishing in the world.  If you want to catch a myriad of exotic fish the

Brazilian Rain Forest is the place. (peacock bass, piranha)etc..


We are in the enviable position to provide you a complete package and advise you and your party/family on ALL aspects of a Brazilian Amazon Adventure Experience And provide full service on all our trips from lodging to cuisine and from guides, boats and staff. So we look forward with excitement and anticipation to helping you build an Amazon jungle experience trip for a lifetime, We are extremely proud that awesome service is the standard of our operation. Ask us!   We can do it All!