Fishing For Piranhas In The Amazon Jungle

Fishing for Piranhas in the Amazon Jungle If the first thing that came to your mind was piranha-infested waters, razor-sharp teeth, a boat, and someone dressed as Indiana Jones, then you are not far from reality. Although the movies have given these animals a bad reputation, the truth is there’s more to them than meets […]

The meeting of waters – an Amazon river phenomenon Known by its Portuguese name ‘Encontro das Aguas,’ this confluence located in Brazil, South America, is a true phenomenon where two rivers meet without mixing and flow side by side for a few miles. The Rio Negro, which is Portuguese for ‘black river’ and the Rio […]

The best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest

The best time to visit the Amazon Rainforest The Amazon rainforest is known for being the largest river in the world. With an area of ​​6.7 million km² across nine countries, that’s about 40% of South America. The Amazonian area offers many opportunities to learn about its waters, fauna, and vegetation.  However, if you want to know […]

Amazon Rainforest Weather

Amazon Rainforest weather Amazon rainforest weather is characterized by a lot of rain annually, which allows for much of the green plant life and the diverse wildlife in the rainforest to thrive. The bio-diverse rainforest is spread out between four countries which are Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. The countries that host the Amazon rainforest […]