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About Us

Our History

For over 15 years, Valberto Joshua Lacruz has earned a stellar reputation as one of the leading guides and outfitters in the Amazon jungle. As a native of the rainforest, Joshua has brought his extensive knowledge of the region to numerous traditional adventure travel companies in the area.

In 2016, he decided there was a need to break away from the standard rainforest travel experience and offer more. Much more. Something new and exciting. An Amazon adventure tour unlike any other.ns or criticisms? Then contact us. Your doubts will be clarified and your opinion is fundamental for our improvement.

That was the motivation. And today, Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions is the reality. After spending years working with both local and international clients, Joshua realized that each individual was different, and each wanted to experience the Amazon in different and unique ways.

And while other Amazon Tour companies simply offered a one-size-fits-all experience, Joshua realized that he could tap into his knowledge of the rainforest to offer exclusive customized experiences for his clients. And that’s exactly what Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions does.

Our History

By utilizing his knowledge of the Amazon Jungle and his great relationship with local indigenous peoples, Joshua and his team of dedicated and experienced guides offer suggestions, activities, and areas of the rainforest perfectly suited to each traveler’s interests.

From planning, logistics, and execution, Joshua works directly with his one-on-one clients with a level of service and dedication you simply won’t find anywhere else. This is where your adventure of the lifetime begins. Contact Joshua Lacruz of Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions today!

Joshua’s passion is preserving, protecting, and conserving the world’s last great ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest. Joshua speaks fluent English and has a working knowledge of several other languages, including local dialects.

In his spare time, Joshua loves to explore the jungle with his son Joshua and experience all the Amazon Rainforest region has to offer.

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Explore the essence of Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions, a world where unique journeys come to life. Witness the incredible adventures and breathtaking landscapes that define our commitment to delivering exceptional Amazon experiences.