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Amazon Mamori Lodge Tour

The Lodge

Mamori Amazon Lodge is located in the Juma Reserve, approximately 110 kilometers south of Manaus. It sits on the banks of the Juma Lake stream, an area teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

The Lodge boasts six private bungalows, connected by convenient walkways. Each bungalow offers comfortable beds, a private bathroom with a hot and cold shower, and air conditioning for your comfort. Relax and enjoy the stunning views of Juma Lake from your own private veranda.

Additionally, the Lodge provides reliable internet access via Starlink coverage. So, come and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature at Mamori Amazon Lodge!

The Activities done from Amazon Mamori Lodge

The Area

The Acajatuba lake is located on the left side of the Rio Negro River , where it is form by many different small creeks and the it form the Acajatuba lake that run it to the Rio Negro River . There is a vast of a virgem rain forest of the area that  where is great for long trekking, camping out in the jungle, there are access to the beach on the Negro river and also the vazea area of the white water of the Ariau river, with a great combination of this diversity of the Amazon in this region.

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6 Day/5 Night Amazon Adventure With Stay at At Mamori Amazon Lodge