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3 Macaw Birds on a tree branch in the Amazon rainforest | Joshua's Amazon Expeditions

Amazon Rainforest Weather

Amazon rainforest weather is characterized by a lot of rain annually, which allows for much of the green plant life and the diverse wildlife in the rainforest to thrive. The bio-diverse rainforest is spread out between four countries which are Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

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Small boat floating down the Amazon River. Manas, Brazil | Joshua's Amazon Expeditions

Best Time to Visit the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is known for being the largest river in the world. With an area of 6.7 million km² across nine countries, that’s about 40% of South America. The Amazonian area offers many opportunities to learn about its waters, fauna, and vegetation.

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A boat on the amazon river. Manas, Brazil | Joshua's Amazon Expeditions

Fishing For Piranhas In The Amazon Jungle

If the first thing that came to your mind was piranha-infested waters, razor-sharp teeth, a boat, and someone dressed as Indiana Jones, then you are not far from reality. Although the movies have given these animals a bad reputation, the truth is there’s more to them than meets the eye.

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