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Amazon Boat Tours in Brazil

The kayak trip starts in Presidente Figueiredo, a small town 107km north of Manaus. It is a good starting point for trips into the jungle and is famous for its waterfalls. Your destination is the port of the Bank Branch, which lies five days away paddling downstream.

You will paddle down a river in the middle of the Amazon rain forest! This is a unique opportunity to fully experience the beautiful nature that the Amazon in Brazil has to offer.

On this trip, there is an opportunity to do some trekking in the jungle and visit some waterfalls in the Amazon rain forest. during the trip, you will be camping among the riverside sleeping in a hammock.

You will be paddling downriver passing thru many rapids and waterfalls, go fishing, swimming in the river, and visit some local family that lives among the riverside.

During this fantastic trip, there is a chance to do bird watching, monkeys, and other animals among the way and learn more about the flora and fauna of the Amazon rain forest.

Join us on this fantastic Amazon Kayak trip and experience the Amazon rain forest in a different way.

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