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Frequently Asked Questions

In our many years of giving tours on the Amazon, we have gotten ALL kinds of questions, and we love talking about everything related to the jungle while on our tours.  

Sometimes though, a question just has to be answered before you even buy a ticket. 

Here below we have put together some of the most frequent and important questions that we get asked. We hope that the answers can give you some comfort and clarity.   If you have more questions though, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Depending on what you're looking for, there might be different times that are best for you.  

Most enjoy visiting the Amazon during the dry season (July – December), when water levels are low and hiking trails are drier and easier to hike. 

The rainy season has the benefit of milder weather/temperature (January – June) and there is a better chance of spotting animals.  And February tends to have the least amount of mosquitos.

Check out this link for even more details about the best times to visit the Amazon to enjoy specific experiences. 

There can be, depending on where you are.  Boto and Tapiri lodges are in a region that has more mosquitos than others, although it’s generally not so bad. Our Toucan lodge tours are near the Rio Negro which is a more acidic river and thus has very few mosquitos and even no mosquitos on the river itself.

Your safety is our priority. You can safely go for hikes or swimming, we’ve never had any accidents with any of our guests.

No, there is no malaria in the areas where we travel. Malaria might be found in logging or gold mining areas, but we are far from these areas. If you'd like to take a preventative medication, then you could consult with your doctor about malarone or doxycycline as these tend to have fewer side effects than other antimalarial drugs. Always consult your doctor to make the best decision possible for you, but do be careful with the side-effects because they can be quite severe with some of the antimalarial medications.

There is no risk of dengue or yellow fever in the areas where we take our guests. Most travelers do have a yellow fever vaccine, but this is not mandatory.

Although no specific vaccinations are required to enter Brazil, it’s wise to check with your local health authorities for what vaccines they might recommend for your trip.

You are welcome to keep your bags in our office, or if you have a hotel booked in the city during your tour you could keep them there.

Yes, transfer from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the lodge, and back again is included in our packages.

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If you arrive late on the same day before 2pm, we can still pick you up and bring you to the group. If it is later than 2pm we can bring you the next day. These would both be free of charge, although no discount would be provided for the lost time.

We can leave the lodge after breakfast so that you can still catch our flight in the afternoon, free of charge.

We do not provide shoes or rubber boots, so you should bring your own footwear. Although hiking boots are good to have, normal shoes are sufficient.  If you have normal shoes that don’t protect your ankles, we do provide protective gaiters for you to wear to protect your ankles.

No, we do not provide rain jackets.

If it is a family tour and you have at least two small kids with you, then we can offer a private tour with no extra cost.

If you are a group of at least three seniors, then you can get a private tour for no extra charge.

Yes, 3 years old is the minimum age to join a tour.

The largest rooms can be found at Toucan and Tapiri lodges, they have one double bed and two single beds.