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10 Day Amazon Deep Survival Trip to Amanã lake


If you love adventure, welcome to The Amazon and join us on this Amazon Survival trip of 10 days exploring the Amazon Jungle in the most authentic way, getting deep into the Amazon rainforest, camping, canoeing, fishing, and hiking in different areas every day, learning more about the magnificent Amazon rainforest with Joshua’s Amazon Team.

For this deep Survival trip to Amanã Lake, you need to get to the city of Tefe, where there is a daily flight from Manaus to Tefe airport with  50 minutes flight with Azul Airlines, you can take the fare boat from Manaus which takes 2 days and 2 nights traveling on the Amazon River until you get to the City of Tefe where our Team will be waiting for you to Begin the Survival trip.

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At 9 am, you are picked up at Tefe Airport upon arrival and transferred to the port of the city of Tefe. From the port, the group will take a speedboat to navigate through the dark water of Tefe Lake. The journey on the fast boat to the meeting of the waters is where the dark water of Tefe Lake and the Solimoes River meet. Then, you continue the journey navigating on the Solimoes River, then taking the Japura River, navigating on different tributaries of the Amazon River until Amana Lake and the community base of UBIM, where lunch will be served. The journey is about 5 hours, depending on the water level. At 03:00 pm, the group leaves on the local motorized boat until the first camp overnight. During the journey to the camp, it is possible to spot some different birds from the region.

At 07:00 am, breakfast is served, and then at 08:00 am, a jungle walk starts and goes until noon. During the walk, the guide explains valuable information about the flora and fauna of the Amazon Jungle. Much is learned about medicinal plants, spiders, and trees, and sometimes there is a chance to spot some monkeys. The afternoon activity starts at 3 pm, canoeing by paddle on the small channels. It is an excellent opportunity to spot some wildlife in the Amazon jungle. The group will paddle upstream on the Ubim Creek toward the second camp. Dinner is prepared. After dinner, the group leaves by boat to do the Caiman sporting, where the guide will catch one by hand, and you will have the opportunity to touch and learn more about this prehistoric animal of the Amazon River. Then back to camp overnight.

After breakfast, there is a full-day hike until the next camp where, during the hike, the group will explore more of the Amazon and what can be used to survive in the Amazon, like fruits, plants, and other creatures found in the jungle. Get to camp to prepare dinner on the fireside like the native people of the Amazon and overnight.

Breakfast is served, and after breakfast, the group will leave by boat to navigate through the channel and small creeks (depending on the water level), where there is a great chance to spot birds and other wildlife such as giant otters. After the boat ride, it will be time to get to a new camp in the jungle, time to prepare lunch before setting up camp for that night. In the afternoon, the group goes on a short hike in a new area of the jungle before the night comes and then back to camp. At night, you will leave by boat with a flashlight, where the guide uses a spotlight to look for some wildlife that can be found in the region. This is a great opportunity to feel and listen to the different sounds of the Amazon jungle at night, where sometimes we find some different species of birds, snakes, and more… back to camp overnight.

Breakfast is served, and after breakfast, the group leaves on a hike to look for some fruits, larvae, and other edible sources so that you can experience more of what the jungle provides to survive in the Amazon. Back to camp for Lunch. In the afternoon, the group moves on to another spot to set up a new camp. Once everything is set up, the group will leave by boat to fish with a spear to catch some fish to be prepared for food. Back to camp and overnight.

One more day in the Jungle, let’s get ready and prepare breakfast and head out into the jungle to explore a new area looking for fruits or larvae that can be found in the area, and learn more about what is edible, what is poisonous, and different animals or venomous insects that we should not mess with in the Amazon jungle. Back to camp for lunch. In the afternoon, the group will leave by boat to explore the creek by paddling for piranha fishing and also setting fishing nets to catch some fish for dinner. After dinner, the group leaves by the small boats paddling to look out for more wildlife. 70% of the wildlife in the Amazon is active during the night. Back to camp and overnight.

Breakfast is served, and the group leaves for a full day of hiking and exploring the area by finding different fruits such as Brazilian nuts that are found in the region and our big trees. Back to camp for dinner. At night, leave out for the night safari.

Breakfast is served, and after breakfast, we will head upstream of the igarapes by boat then hike to the jungle to spot where we try to find some land animals looking for different trails to explore by night close to the creek shore. During the afternoon, we head out on a boat until the night comes and try to look to find some more animals as there will be very upriver, which is very deep into the Jungle far from civilization. Overnight.

Breakfast is served, and after breakfast, the group gets packed and takes a boat ride toward the Ubim Community arriving at noon for lunch. After lunch, in the afternoon, the group has a free afternoon to visit the community and learn more about the way of living and also the process of the Mandioca. At night, after dinner, there is a cultural presentation of the local way where they appreciate visiting the community that is very isolated in the Amazon jungle. Overnight.

Breakfast is served, and after breakfast, the group leaves for a morning paddling trip with the locals and then back for lunch. They get packed and after lunch at 02:00 pm begin the journey back to the City of Tefe and drop off at the Hotel in Town.



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