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Tucan Amazon Lodge

The Lodge

The Tucan Amazon lodge it located to the east of Manaus in the Acajatuba Lake region which is an area rich in flora and fauna. The lodge has been built over stilted trees, preserving the natural environment which is very important for forest preservation. The accommodations are private Cabins with air conditioning  . It is a simple and clean place, perfect for small groups interested in exploring the Amazon Jungle. The capacity of the lodge is 22 people. The lodge has electricity with 110 volts which provides clients with the opportunity to recharge batteries for equipment such as cameras and others. Choose one of our packages and take part in this fantastic Amazon Jungle Experience.

​The main meals, lunch and dinner, are generally prepared with regional fresh fish, chicken, beef, beans, salads, rice, vegetables and fruits. Also, there are meals available for vegetarian and vegan clients upon request when you book your trip.

The activities done From the Tucan Amazon Lodge

The Area

The Acajatuba lake is located on the left side of the Rio Negro River , where it is form by many different small creeks and the it form the Acajatuba lake that run it to the Rio Negro River . There is a vast of a virgem rain forest of the area that  where is great for long trekking, camping out in the jungle, there are access to the beach on the Negro river and also the vazea area of the white water of the Ariau river, with a great combination of this diversity of the Amazon in this region.

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