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5 Day/4 Night Amazon Adventure With Stay Mamori Amazon Lodge


Mamori Amazon Lodge is located in the Juma Reserve, approximately 110 kilometers south of Manaus. It sits on the banks of the Juma Lake stream, an area teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

The Lodge boasts six private bungalows, connected by convenient walkways. Each bungalow offers comfortable beds, a private bathroom with a hot and cold shower, and air conditioning for your comfort. Relax and enjoy the stunning views of Juma Lake from your own private veranda.

Additionally, the Lodge provides reliable internet access via Starlink coverage. So, come and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature at Mamori Amazon Lodge!

Surrender to the emerald embrace of the Amazon on a 5-day journey with Mamori Lodge. Witness the magic where two rivers meet, creating a mesmerizing dance of contrasting hues in the “Meeting of the Waters.” Explore the charming village of Catalão, where sustainable fish farming thrives and the mighty Arapaima Gigas reigns supreme. Settle into your cozy haven amidst the lush rainforest, then glide through Maçarico Lake, serenaded by the symphony of nature and graced by playful pink river dolphins.

Days unfold with guided treks through the dense foliage, where medicinal plants whisper their secrets and fascinating insects become your companions. Test your skills with responsible piranha fishing, then embark on a captivating search for elusive caimans under the twilight sky. Navigate the intricate waterways of the Várzea forest, a flooded haven teeming with diverse life, before paddling through narrow igarapes, feeling the pulse of the rainforest beneath your fingertips. Connect with local families, savoring their way of life and the taste of freshly grown fruits.

Bid farewell to Mamori Lodge with a refreshing swim in the cool river, experiencing the Amazon like the locals do. Carry the echo of the jungle in your ears and the magic of the rainforest in your heart. This safe and responsible adventure leaves nothing but footprints and takes only memories, ensuring a sustainable experience that respects the wonder of this irreplaceable ecosystem. Embrace the call of the Amazon – your unforgettable journey awaits at Mamori Lodge.

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Our journey begins when we pick you up in Manaus. We head to Ceasa Port, where we board a speedboat. Our first stop takes us along the Rio Negro river to the meeting of the waters, where the black Rio Negro and the brown Solimões never mix, creating an otherworldly sensation at this spot. Next, we make a stop at the floating village of Catalão. Here, you can explore a fish farm and observe the Giant Arapaima Gigas, one of the Amazon’s most powerful creatures.

Afterwards, we continue on to the Careiro village. From there, we ride for about an hour, then head to Maçarico Lake by speedboat. You’ll arrive at the Mamori Amazon Lodge around 11:30 a.m., and a delicious lunch will be served at noon.

At 3:30 pm, we set out on a canoe trip, providing you with the opportunity to see the Amazon Pink River Dolphin and a variety of colorful birds during your trip.

This morning, at 5:30 am, we take a motorized boat to witness the jungle waking up to a new day. We then return to the lodge for a hearty breakfast. Afterward, we embark on a morning trek. Your guide shares knowledge about medicinal plants along our walk and introduces you to the insects that call this place home. You might even spot some of the local wildlife, including monkeys, which are always entertaining when you can’t distinguish their calls from those of humans. Once the trek is completed, it’s back to the lodge for lunch.

Our afternoon activity begins at 3 pm. The group departs by motorized boat along the riverbanks to a fishing spot, where we fish for several different species of piranha. During the trip, you may also spot various species of birds and insects. Afterward, we return to the lodge for dinner. After an exciting day of exploration, we head back out on the waters at 8:30 p.m. in search of the elusive Cayman. We use a spotlight to find the caiman, and the guide also provides information about caimans in the Amazon. Then, we return to the lodge for an overnight stay.

Breakfast is served at 08:00 am, and then we venture to the Várzea forest, an area flooded with many small channels and waterways. This trip provides a unique perspective on this natural wonderland as we explore the flora and fauna found here. During the dry season when there’s no water from August to March, this trip is conducted on foot. It’s an excellent area for observing animals like monkeys or sloths in their natural habitats. When we finish, it’s back to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch, at 3 p.m., the group embarks on a small regional boat where you will have the opportunity to experience paddling among the channels and the small igarapes. During this trip, there is a good opportunity to spot some wildlife and enjoy the sounds of nature. Then, it’s back to the lodge for dinner.

You’ll be up at 7 a.m. for breakfast, and then it’s off to visit a local family who lives by the river! You will see how they grow their fruits and have fun tasting some of them too. On the way back to the lodge, you will have the opportunity to swim in the river, enjoying it the way the local Amazonian people do.

At 3 PM, we visit the PÉ DE PINCHA Project: a preservation and reintroduction project for chelonians in some regions, carried out by the local communities. After this, we return to the lodge for dinner.

After dinner, you will depart by boat for a night safari trip to explore the riverbanks, using a spotlight to search for wildlife. Depending on the time of the year, from July to January, it is possible to go spearfishing. Then, we return to the lodge for the night.

breakfast at 08:00 am, then the group leaves towards Manaus and heads to the small village by car, where you will get on the boat to visit the Indigenous village of the Tatuyos, where you will learn more about their culture after there is a stop at the floating deck where you can get in the water and interact with the pink river dolphins of the Amazon. during the  trip, there is a stop for lunch at a local floating restaurant  before getting back to Manaus around 03:30 pm, with drop off to the hotel our Manaus airport



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