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Serra do Aracá State Park Adventure


Discover the breathtaking Serra do Aracá State Park (PAREST Serra do Aracá), nestled in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest’s northern region, within the state of Amazonas. Established by Decree 12.836 on March 9, 1990, this natural wonder spans a colossal 1,818,700 hectares (18,187 km²), encompassing an impressive 15% of the vast municipality of Barcelos, which itself ranks as the second largest municipality in Brazil, second only to Altamira, covering an astonishing 122,475.728 km².

This park takes its name from the magnificent Aracá River, home to Brazil’s tallest waterfall, the awe-inspiring El Dorado Waterfall, cascading nearly 400 meters in height.

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  • Arrival in Manaus
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to the hotel
  • Overnight at the hotel
  • Departure: Manaus – Barcelos
  • Reception at the hotel
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Charter flight (Manaus – Barcelos)
  • Fast Boat journey (Barcelos – Aracá)
  • Overnight on the boat
  • 30HP motorized boat excursion
  • Explore Rio Jauari, Igarapé Preto, and reach Camp 1
  • Overnight at Camp 1
  • Journey from Camp 1 to Camp 4
  • Visit the majestic El Dorado Waterfall
  • Delight in a late afternoon at El Dorado
  • Overnight at Camp 4
  • Morning visit to El Dorado Falls
  • Explore Guy Collet’s Abyss
  • Admire the waterfall from its summit
  • Overnight at Camp 4
  • Return from Camp 4 to Camp 1 via the Aracá River shuttle
  • Overnight on the MotherShip boat
  • Enjoy a free day
  • Evening Luau at 17:00
  • Embark on a half -day kayaking adventure on the Jauari River
  • Departure: Barcelos – Manaus
  • Fast Boat journey (Aracá – Barcelos)
  • Charter Flight (Barcelos – Manaus)
  • Transfer from the local airport to Manaus airport



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