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Amazon Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge Tour

The Lodge

Step into the Amazon jungle with a stay at Amazon TapiriRio Negro  Lodge! Located 80 kilometers up the river on the left side of the Rio negro  from Manaus close to the anavilhanas archipelago in a small community, an area rich for flora and fauna, the Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge was built in a small community among the Negro River, preserving the natural environment which is very important for the Amazon Rainforest. Accommodation here comes in private rooms with air conditioning and a private bathroom; it’s a simple and clean place, the perfect base from which to explore the Amazon. the Lodge Has cabins so far to accommodate our clients, with a beautiful view of the Anavilhanas Arquepelagos. join us on a trip of a lifetime exploring the amazon in a community base jungle lodge.

There is electricity and so that you can charge your equipment, food is based on local vegetables such as fish, chicken, and some beef, natural juice of fruits from the community. 

The Activities done from Amazon Tapiri Lodge

The Area

The Anavilhanas area is a great place for Amazon Jungle Tours, Jungle Expeditions, trekking, canoeing, camping, fishing, bird watching, and dolphin spotting. These are some activities done in the area as well as visiting the local community and learning more about the way of living of these people in the Amazon. Don’t miss this place!

Our Gallery

Our Packages

3 Day/ 2 Night Amazon Adventure With Stay At Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge

This 3-day adventure into the depths of the Amazon rainforest will take you on an unforgettable journey! Get ready to go fishing for piranhas, and explore the local indigenous community for a truly immersive experience. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the rainforest, from the colorful songbirds to the majestic Cayman. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase some authentic local handicrafts, made with natural materials from the Amazon jungle, for a truly unique souvenir of your journey!



4 Day/3 Night Amazon Adventure With Stay At Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge

Experience the beauty of the Amazon on this unforgettable 4-day journey from Manaus. Explore the Meeting of the Waters, Ubim Lake, and . Visit the Anavilhanas archipelago, fish for piranhas, Interaction with dolphins , indigenous village and take a hike through the jungle to spot wildlife, and take a dip in the river. Explore the local streams and witness the craftsmanship of the local people as they build traditional wooden boats. Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure!



5 Day/4 Night Amazon Adventure With Stay At Tapiri Rio Negro Lodge

Embark on an unforgettable 5 day/4 night Amazon adventure with us and explore the unique flora and fauna of the region! by fishing for piranhas, visiting local Indigenous communities, Interaction with river dolphins and camping in the jungle, this journey will be filled with moments that you’ll remember for years to come. Join us for an unforgettable Amazon experience!