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Adventure Trips

Joshua’s Amazon Expeditions will guide you on an Amazon adventure tours for people interested in having maximum contact with nature and learning as much possible about the forest. This trip is located in the south of Manaus in the Juma reserve, 100 kilometres away from the city of Manaus in straight line, also to the north part for those you would like to sale down river passing thue more thatn 21 rapids on the Urubu River by Kayak. On this tour all nights are spent camping in the Amazon rain forest , where depending on how many night you book you will start the first night at An Camp that is already set and the other night for those who camp over 3 or more night move along and build a new camp for overnight  sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets .

During this trip you will be doing activities like trekking in the jungle with explanation of the flora and fauna, canoeing, fishing, Spear fishing at night, Cayman spotting, bird watching and learning out the local people do to survived out in the Jungle.

The meals are prepared by fish you catch, like the local does, fruits you find in the jungle, we take the based food stuff for the first days them is time to be like a local Amazon people exploring the Amazon Rain forest.

We provide Hammocks with mosquito nets, Mineral water (except for the Challenge trip where we recommend to bring water purificator pills our water filter) and the meals during the trip with the guideless of a local guide.

Join us on this adventure on a trip of a lifetime experience.

Boat Trips

Amazon River cruise is perfect for people that would like to explore the Amazon jungle in a different way, buy navigating everyday, sleeping in new place and exploring the river, small channels and the  amazon rain forest. On this trip it all depends on how many days you have, so we build you full schedule of what can be done during the trip.

This Amazon Trip can be done on board of regional boat of two floors with accommodations on board in private Cabins with air conditions. Below there are some Tours with full schedule. But if you are interested in longer days please contact us for more in information so we can customize your Amazon trip of a life time.