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Amazon Survival Trip From Manaus

If you want TRUE adventure then the Amazon survival Tour is THE most adventurous tour that we offer. Yes, there will be some bird watching and you will see animals too. However, the FOCUS of the Amazon survival tour will be learning survival tips deep inside the heart of the Amazon rainforest, 100-200km from Manaus, Brazil.

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime then choose this tour!

You can choose to book your trip from 3 days if you are in Manaus for a short time or you can book up to 7 days if you want that extended adventure! Select which package you want on the booking form to the right.



Morning Activities

At 8 am you’re gonna be picked up from your hotel in Manaus and taken to Caesar port.


Your first taste of adventure is a cruise down the Rio Negro on a speed boat

The first stop: is Catalao. A floating village where you will see the LARGEST SCALED FISH IN THE WORLD! The Giant Arapaima Gigas.

Touch them if you dare! Don’t worry, although they are strong, they are harmless. You can feed them too.

The next stop is the FASCINATING PHENOMENON called the meeting of the waters. This is where the black waters of the Rio Negro meet the brown waters of the Solimões River. AMAZINGLY the two colors don’t mix! Don’t forget to take selfies for your social media pages!

From there it’s off to the lodge for lunch. Delicious local cuisine is served at noon.

Afternoon Activities

Begins at 2:30 pm

Here is your first taste of AMAZON SURVIVAL. You will trek into the jungle to set up your first night’s camp. 

After dinner, you’ll be finishing the day with a trip through the darkness of the amazon night to some cayman spotting by boat. 


Morning Activities

Day 2 starts with a sunrise canoe trip at 5:30 am. The river is the PERFECT place to get a close-up view of the forest waking up to a new day. 

A hearty breakfast is served at 7 am. Then it’s off for a jungle hike from 8 am until 11:30 am. Your guide will teach you about medicinal plants, spiders, and trees. You might even see some CHEEKY MONKEYS!

From day 2 you will enjoy lunch under the MAJESTIC canopy of the Amazon rainforest.

Afternoon Activities

Begins at 3:00 pm

You will take a canoe through the flooded forest and the small channels. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to see and learn about the flora and fauna of this FANTASTIC Amazon jungle.

It’s also your chance to fish like a native in the hunt for some FEISTY PIRANHAS!  

At nightfall, you’ll have another opportunity to explore the nightlife of the Amazon jungle (No shiny disco balls!). This jungle trip will be by boat using a flashlight.


Morning Activities

After breakfast, there is a nature hike to another part of the rainforest for more wildlife viewing.

Afternoon Activities

Explore the small channels of the Amazon by boat. See the WIDE ARRAY of colorful birds. The boat trip will finish with some fishing for dinner. Then it’s back to camp.

DAYS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10


During the next few days, you’ll be hiking and camping in different parts of the forest. The HIGHLIGHT will be learning valuable survival techniques. You’ll learn how to build a camp, trap wild animals, find edible fruits and drinkable water, and learn spearfishing at night.

* On the last day of your amazon survival tour, there are no afternoon activities. Instead, the group returns to the lodge at about 11 am. After lunch at 1:30 pm, the group returns to Manaus, arriving in the city at about 4:30 pm.


Note: all prices are per person.

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