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Amazon tapiri Lodge

The Amazon Tapiri lodge is exactly what it says in the name. Totally surrounded by the water of the Juma lake and the Parana do Mamori river  , the lodge is made up of one building with separate rooms for the guests to sleep in. Each room has its own private bathroom and is equipped with air conditioning.

Outside each room you can sit in a hammock and enjoy the surrounding view of the Parana do Mamori river . And if you are really feeling adventurous you can plunge into the lake to cool off.



At 8 am we will pick you up at your hotel in Manaus. Here is where your Amazon Jungle Trip begins! You will be taken to the Ceasa port where you will be taking a speed boat along the Rio Negro. As we navigate through the waters your first stop is the floating village called Catalão.

You will stop at one of the floating houses which is also a fish farm. Here you will see the Giant Arapaima Gigas, the LARGEST scaled fish in the world. You can feed them and feel how strong they are IF YOU DARE!

After visiting the fish farm you will continue the journey by speedboat to the meeting of the waters. Here is where the Rio Negro and the Solimões River meet. It is a natural phenomenon where the black river does not mix with the brown river. The boat will then continue along the river to the Careiro Village.

From there you will continue by car or van for about an hour to the Maçarico lake. The final leg is by speedboat and you will arrive at the lodge at about 11:30 am. Delicious local cuisine will be served for lunch at noon.

At 2:30pm you will head out on a canoe trip. You will see the famous local river dolphins as well as an array of colorful birds. You will also do some piranha fishing. Make sure they only bite the bait! You will stay out on the river to watch the beautiful sunset at around 6:30pm.

It’s back to the lodge for dinner at 7pm and then shortly after, at about 8:30pm, you will go out once more in the canoe.

This time you will be out looking for the feared Cayman. Your adrenaline will reach a high as your Amazon Jungle Guide literally snatches a Cayman out of the water! After learning about this fascinating reptile it will be carefully returned to its natural habitat.


Your 2nd day has an early start. At 5 am you will be given a wake-up call before the group departs at 05:30 am. Then it’s out on a motorized boat to a serene spot where you will see the jungle waking up to a new sunrise. Then it’s back to the lodge for a hearty breakfast, in preparation for the morning trek.

During the walk, your Amazon Jungle Guide will share valuable knowledge about the Amazon Rainforest. You will learn many things about the medicinal plants, and the fascinating insect life including the creepy spiders.

You will also have a chance of seeing the curious yet cheeky monkeys and many other native animals. Once the trek has been completed it’s back to the lodge for lunch.

The afternoon activity starts at 3 pm. This time you will take a canoe to the Várzea forest, an area of the forest that is flooded with many small channels.

The trip provides a unique perspective of the rainforest and you will learn much about the flora and fauna of this fantastic Amazon jungle. (During the dry season this trip is done by walking since there is no water from August to March).

This area is good for spotting animals like monkeys, sloths, and some birds. Then back to the lodge for dinner.


Your day will begin with breakfast being served at 07:00 am. Then at 8 am, the group will go and visit the home of a local family that lives along the side of the river within the Amazon region.

You will learn about their simple but fantastic way of life in the Amazon Jungle. You will see how they grow their own foods and get to experiment with the local fruits. On the way back to the lodge you will have an opportunity to go swimming in the river as well as have some fun like the local native Amazonian people.

After lunch, at 3 pm, you will leave the lodge to sleep out in the Amazon Jungle. The guide will help you to set up camp and prepare dinner in a remote part of the jungle. We will provide the hammocks and mosquito nets that will be your bed for the night.

After dinner, you will have an opportunity to do some spearfishing in the river just like the natives. Then it’s back to camp to sleep.


Out in the jungle, you will have more opportunities to explore the magnificent Amazon jungle either by trekking or canoeing. While you’re out in the jungle the guide will teach you survival techniques and share local knowledge related to the Amazon Jungle.

During the night there is a nighttime safari tour and more opportunities to go spearfishing. You will then spend another night out in the Jungle.


After breakfast, there will be more hiking in a different part of the rainforest. Then after packing up the camp you will return to the lodge at around 11:00 am. One more delicious lunch will be served at 12. Then at 1:30 pm you will leave the lodge and go back to Manaus, arriving there at about 4:30 pm.

*If this is your last day of your Amazon Tour then there are no afternoon activities. Instead, you will go back to the lodge at 11:00 am for lunch, and then at 1:30 pm, you will be taken to Manaus. You may be taken either to your hotel or airport with an expected arrival time of 4:30 pm.


Note: all prices are per person.

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